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Written by bobby90247

March 23, 2017 at 2:03 pm

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The “Pharisees of Yesterday…???”

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Okay, it’s been a while since I last made a significant post here as I have been awakening to the LIES of the society in which we now live. At the forefront of it all is, of course…FLAT EARTH. Which, to my surprise, is just the “Tip of the Iceberg” as I discover all the other LIES we have been fed by the “Pharisees of Yesterday” (i.e. “Our” governments, scientists, religious leaders, medias and Institutes of Higher Learning).

I’ll get back to that in a bit.

As I sat and watched the movie “Passengers” knowing the entire time that the movie is pure science fiction, it is nonetheless…entertaining. However, I began to realize that “IF” space could be as spectacular as presented in the movie, “What then” might Heaven actually be like? Heaven is, without a doubt, a far better place than the one in which we currently reside and our most vivid imagination surely “pales” in comparison.

As I attempted to fall asleep (it’s 1:00 AM) and continued to ponder on what Heaven must be like, it crossed my mind that “everything” we know and have accepted as truth, is in reality…FALSE! I recall commenting recently on a post someone had made that I no longer  believe in the “atomic structure” of the elements and their protons, electrons, neutrons, etc.

Then, it occurred to me that the elements exist as a resonance of the aether in which we live. Taking it a step further, I realized that our molecular structure is a LIE, also! After all, “What makes up our molecular structure?”

“WE” live within the aether and all matter, elemental AND physiological, also resides within this aether. Therefore, we are also resonances of the aether…right! Sooo…”What is the atomic structure of our molecular structure?”

“WE” have been bamboozled into believing that the elements and molecules are separated as being inorganic and organic structures when in fact, they are one and the same! In a way, the Indians and other beliefs that rocks, water, trees, etc., can contain a consciousness begins to make sense as “our” molecular structure houses our consciousness within the aether…possibly?

I have written this to say one thing, “WE” have been LIED too about the Earth upon which we live…PERIOD!!!




Written by bobby90247

March 22, 2017 at 8:24 am

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Infinity SAV© – Electromagnetic Generator 10kW FREE ENERGY ~Russians Create Free Energy Device! It’s REAL!

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InfinitySAV© infinity.sav@gmail.com Infinity SAV is a well organized team of young and ambitious people. The company employs highly qualified talented specialists in the field of electric engineeri…

Source: Infinity SAV© – Electromagnetic Generator 10kW FREE ENERGY ~Russians Create Free Energy Device! It’s REAL!

Written by bobby90247

March 3, 2017 at 12:46 pm

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Rare Flat Earth Weather Book From 16th century: The Meteorologica Cosmica

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Written by bobby90247

July 17, 2016 at 3:31 am

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It just occurred to me that maybe, just maybe, King James and the Roman Empire did more than just change a few dates and lines of Scripture.

A recent “Trivia” question asked, “What month is also represented by a Latin number?” Simple logic tells me, “December”…right! As in “Deci.” Therefore, does “October” also relate to, “Octo” (October)???

Sorry but, that’s the limit of my knowledge of Latin/Roman numerology, for the most part. So, I really wouldn’t know if any of the other months coincide with more numbers or not.

However, I am aware of the fact that originally, the Aztec (Mayan?) culture DID have a “base 13” number system rather than our “base 10” system. “WHY” is this important or even noteworthy?

Once again, simple logic tells us that our year divides more evenly by, 13 months rather than, 12 months! One year divided by thirteen equals 28 days with exactly 1 left over!

NOW THEN, it would seem that Scripture and Genisis has the origin of the Earth correct, once again! “How so?”


“WHAT IF” the FIRST DAY is equal to ONE YEAR? AND, the First DAY is the that EXTRA DAY needed to finish the First Year? 13 month @ 28 days, each PLUS 1 day = 1st Year OR, as Scripture tells it, “The First Day!” This would continue for the next 6 years or, “Days” as in Scripture and then resting and/or “allowing” the Earth to congeal (for lack of a better word) in the 7th year (or Day).

REASONING: In the above paragraph my reasoning for Scripture calling the First year as the “FIRST DAY” is that at the end of the first year, they had to add the 1st day to it to complete the First Year. Therefore, the 1st year of Creation is referred to as the FIRST DAY in reference to the 1st DAY being added to the complete the first year (did I explain it correctly?).

“THIS” timeline would coincide more closely with a discovery made back in the mid 1900’s in which halo’s from radioactive decay were created in granite. These halo’s can NOT be replicated in any fashion or form…EVER! This becomes evident when you fully understand the mechanism required to create this type of halo. You can view the documentary about these halo’s in a video titled, “Fingerprints of Creation.”

The King James Bible is convoluted as many of “our” references are for they are written/recorded histories in favor of “Man.” MAN being the race, creed, religion, etc., of the group represented that particular text (i.e. The “Original Hebrew Texts”…Hebrews are the ones convoluting Scripture in their favor).

I am saying that ALL of Scripture is WRONG? No! What I AM saying, is that we must remove the bias inserted into Scripture by the person(s) recording it! Did they do it intentionally? In some cases, NO! In other cases…YES!!! The King James Bible is an excellent example! The Roman Empire could not crush the Christian movement so, they adopted it!  PLAIN AND SIMPLE!



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July 11, 2016 at 5:41 pm

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Are you still a “GLOBE HEAD?”   lol

I know it is difficult to stop believing the LIES “we” have all grown up listening to but, the reality is that the EARTH IS FLAT!

Check it for yourself! A couple of weeks ago, I was riding my bike along the “Strand” from Torrance Beach, Ca, to the far end of Manhattan Beach (El Segundo Blvd.), when I stopped for a moment to contemplate whether the Earth “appeared” to be curved or not. As I looked out over the ocean, it DID appear to be curved. Ever so slightly but, nonetheless…curved!

Since the distance I had just rode was in excess of 10 miles, my view of this curvature had to be much more than that. Probably arount the 30 – 40 mile mark, or so. I already know that, according to simple geometry, there “should be” a drop of 268 feet for every 20 miles of viewing the horizon. Well, suffice it to say, there is NO 268 feet of curvature in within my viewing range. If any, it would be around 1 – 2 feet, at most.

So, I simply held up a sheet of paper to my eye level and aligned it to the horizon. Guess what I saw??? NO CURVATURE…WHATSOEVER! That’s right. The horizon is PERFECTLY…straight. Not even the slightest amount of curvature.

So “Why” did it appear to be curved in the first place? I thought about it and have reasoned that just like a “fish eye” lens, “our” eyes are round, also! Therefore, “we” see a slight curvature over a wide horizon as our eyes curve the image at the ends.

OKAY, now that we have “proved” the Earth is NOT a sphere and, is indeed, FLAT! What do we know about it?

Apparently, our governments are keeping all the information regarding the true nature of this Earth a secret from the general poplulace which is why Antarctica is OFF-LIMITS to everyone except, those authorized to go there. How do I know the government knows this? Simple, the World Geodesic Survey 1980 (WGS80), which is used throughout the world to measure distances, clearly states that the world is, “Oblate!”

It then precisely measures the surface of the Earth to the point where it is “essentially” FLAT!!! In other words, “It is NOT a sphere!!!”

SOOO…exactly, “How big is this FLAT EARTH?”

This is a Map that was published in the Hawiaain Gazette in 1907:



“Need I say more…???”


Written by bobby90247

July 3, 2016 at 6:17 pm

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Anyone reading this must know from the start, this is nothing more than my personal webpage about “things” I consider noteworthy.

However, something occurred to me the other night which is beyond my understanding…per se. Had it happened to just myself, I would have passed it off as an hallucination BUT, it didn’t.

As a friend of mine and I, were sitting in my car discussing various topics, “something” fell from above my foot, hitting the bottom of my foot, and fell to the floor. It seemed like a natural occurrence…right! Except, that the only thing above my foot is the underside of glovebox in the car. Furthermore, when I looked, there was nothing there that fell.

I asked my friend what he heard. He said he heard a metallic rod, hit the bottom of my shoe, and fall to the floor. Exactly what I “saw and felt!” His explanation is of the “haunting” nature and ghosts! Sorry, but I do not believe in anything of the nature.

At the moment this occurred, and I mean the briefest of moments, I was “caught” between…”realities???” I have no other way to explain it. There were “others” there! NO, I did not get a good look at them. BUT, I could feel their presence and as I said, almost “see” them for the briefest of a momernt.

In that moment, did I “pull back?” YES! I think so. I am at a loss at to what happened at that moment. A “steel rod,” falling and hitting the bottom of my shoe then to the floor…and nothing is there??? WTF???

“Things” like this do not happen! But it did!

Anyone? Any ideas? Scared? No! Confused? Yes!

I don’t have a big following, if I have any at all. However, if anyone reads this, I would appreciate some feedback as to what happened if you should have an idea.



Written by bobby90247

May 27, 2016 at 2:46 am

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