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The Liars and Thieves Caught On Video by Captain Obvious

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This is an interesting video and I left the following comment as I “pondered” the information gleamed from it:

At the 0.45 minute mark, they say the “…electrons are running into a glass wall in space…” OR, some kind of barrier…right! Then, they go on to say that is is approx. 7,200 miles above the Earth. My question is, “How do they know this?” Those of us that have accepted the FACT of this Flat Earth no longer believe this “science fiction” that has been fed to us since birth. Therefore, I have a very difficult time accepting their information as being truth. The ultimate limit of the atmosphere “seems” to be around 180,000 feet as that is the MAX height attained by a Helium high altitude balloon, thus far which is reasonable as Helium IS the lightest element second only to Hydrogen. Since most of us are in agreement with there being a “firmament” above us, the question then is, “What occupies the space ‘tween the limit of the atmosphere and the Firmament?” For myself, the answer is…NOTHING! The limit of the atmosphere would be a thin layer of Hydrogen and then the Firmament as it is the Firmament that “compresses” and keeps the atmosphere within. However, “IF” there is a “void” ‘tween the atmosphere and the Firmament, then I would venture to say, it is filled with the Aether as described by Nikola Tesla. It is this Aether that “could” slow down the momentum of electron’s (and anything else for that matter), light, particles, etc., giving “us” a false reading of the distance to the Firmament as they have measured being 7,200 miles. It “could” no more than 33 miles up as mentioned in various “other” theories. Hmmm…??? The Freemason’s have 33 degrees…right! While the Freemason’s “seem” to be behind every “Satanist” idea and have been “demonized” by most everyone, they are still the only ones that have placed “symbols” of the Flat Earth in front of everyone to see. Yet, most people don’t “see” them. My personal “take” on the Freemason’s is that there are TWO entities at work within their group OR that there is a False group and a TRUE group. The TRUE group exposes the TRUTH for all to see as they become “enlightened” while the FALSE group simply goes on to exploit their knowledge AND control over the masses. Ultimately, it is up to the individual to “accept” the TRUTH as “some” of us have been doing.


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July 23, 2017 at 3:56 pm

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