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PROOF That the Periodic Table Is NOT What It Claims To Be…!!!

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Ever since realizing that “we” have been lied too about the World being a sphere and that it is actually a Flat Earth, many more “TRUTHS” have been exposed.

Having learned about Flat Earth really did something to my consciousness in that I no longer “accept” the scientific explanation for the World. One of these items is the Periodic Table and “How” it explains the elements.

For example, it says there are neutron, protons, electrons, etc., circling the center of the element by “some” gravitational force…right! BUT, since we now know there is no such thing as “gravity” what then keeps these “magical” things circling that center? Sorry but, the scientific explanation no longer works…PERIOD!

There is however, such a thing as “density!” AND, there are quite a few videos showing the effects of density in which different elements are “stacked” in a beaker upon one another due to their density.

Today, I came across this video which defies this “density” theory…to-a-point. Here it is:


This is just one example as I have discovered “other” elements that defy their scientific explanations.

Here is another point of interest that many people are NOT aware of: ALL Pyramids have a “pool” of the Mercury element beneath them AND, there are TWO Pyramids in the World that are still producing a form of energy….One in Bosnia and the other in Peru.

While they two Pyramids are still producing a form of energy, it is obviously NOT up to full power and “IF” there is anyone around that understands the mechanics of them, they are not talking.

The observation I have made is that “someone” has deliberately destroyed the “working mechanism” of ALL the Pyramids in the World. The real question is…”Why?”

The answers to “How?” these Pyramids actually work may be within the Cuneiform writings within the Pyramids but, are deliberately not being translated properly so that no one can place them into operational condition. Once again…”Why?”

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June 18, 2017 at 4:23 pm

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  1. All I know is salt has great healing qualities and has been given a bad name by the medical establishment. Put a salt cube in the woods and a deer will lick it up, animals have natural intelligence not warped by brainwashing. Salt is also a great conductor of electricity when in water which is likely a component of the fluctuating ocean tides.


    July 20, 2017 at 12:25 pm

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