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Do You Still Believe In Physics As “We” Have Been Taught?

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Now that I know we live on a Flat Earth AND that everything NASA puts out is a straight-up…LIE, and that most everything ever published and/or taught through the education system is also…FALSE, I now question everything I have ever learned in regards to “How” our natural environment really is.

For instance…We are told that water evaporates and rises into the sky, becomes clouds, and rains back down…right! BUT, “IF” this is so, and clouds are simply “water droplets,” why then does the Sun NOT shine through them? “Common Sense” tells us that clouds should NOT exist! Yet, we “see” them everyday. What separates the different levels of the atmosphere that allows the clouds to remain above us?

The Book Of Enoch describes our Firmament as having “portals” through which the water and rain pour through into our atmosphere. In some recent videos, there are images of “code” within the atmosphere that do not appear in the normal light spectrum. It only appears upon manipulating the videos using 3D programs and filters. Is it this “code” that creates and maintains the formation of clouds, humidity, wind, barometric pressure, etc., within the atmosphere?

“Flat Earth, Luminaries in 3 D Pt 2 water & vibration”

The “Periodic Table Of Elements” does not make sense, either! Since there is no such thing as “gravity” as it is all based on density, then the entire Periodic Table is FALSE, also! It is FALSE as it depends on “gravity” (the “magical” force that keeps us to the Earth) to keep the protons, electrons, neutrons, etc., circling its respective…atom. Therefore, our entire concept of the molecular structure of elements is…WRONG!

Once again, common sense tells us that those protons, electrons, neutrons, etc., cannot be circling an atom without “flying away!” Just like “we” cannot be spinning on a Globular Earth without flying off, either!

Many ancient societies throughout the World believed that everything was in some form of fluid state. Rocks, gas, water, crystals, etc., are ALL the made from the same basic element and it is simply the resonant value that determines its current form.

Keeping that in mind, it would simply be a matter of rising and/or lowering an objects resonant value to make it lighter or heavier. In other words, “IF” you can control the resonant value of a 200 ton stone, you could change its value to that of helium and move it effortlessly from one place to another.


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May 28, 2017 at 7:24 pm

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  1. “Keeping that in mind, it would simply be a matter of rising and/or lowering an objects resonant value to make it lighter or heavier.”

    Makes sense and lends nicely to how the megalith Egyptian Pyramid stones traveled hundreds of miles from quarry to destination. “Made lighter than air” according to Edgar Cayce. How they were cut is another subject.


    July 20, 2017 at 12:59 pm

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