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It just occurred to me that maybe, just maybe, King James and the Roman Empire did more than just change a few dates and lines of Scripture.

A recent “Trivia” question asked, “What month is also represented by a Latin number?” Simple logic tells me, “December”…right! As in “Deci.” Therefore, does “October” also relate to, “Octo” (October)???

Sorry but, that’s the limit of my knowledge of Latin/Roman numerology, for the most part. So, I really wouldn’t know if any of the other months coincide with more numbers or not.

However, I am aware of the fact that originally, the Aztec (Mayan?) culture DID have a “base 13” number system rather than our “base 10” system. “WHY” is this important or even noteworthy?

Once again, simple logic tells us that our year divides more evenly by, 13 months rather than, 12 months! One year divided by thirteen equals 28 days with exactly 1 left over!

NOW THEN, it would seem that Scripture and Genisis has the origin of the Earth correct, once again! “How so?”


“WHAT IF” the FIRST DAY is equal to ONE YEAR? AND, the First DAY is the that EXTRA DAY needed to finish the First Year? 13 month @ 28 days, each PLUS 1 day = 1st Year OR, as Scripture tells it, “The First Day!” This would continue for the next 6 years or, “Days” as in Scripture and then resting and/or “allowing” the Earth to congeal (for lack of a better word) in the 7th year (or Day).

REASONING: In the above paragraph my reasoning for Scripture calling the First year as the “FIRST DAY” is that at the end of the first year, they had to add the 1st day to it to complete the First Year. Therefore, the 1st year of Creation is referred to as the FIRST DAY in reference to the 1st DAY being added to the complete the first year (did I explain it correctly?).

“THIS” timeline would coincide more closely with a discovery made back in the mid 1900’s in which halo’s from radioactive decay were created in granite. These halo’s can NOT be replicated in any fashion or form…EVER! This becomes evident when you fully understand the mechanism required to create this type of halo. You can view the documentary about these halo’s in a video titled, “Fingerprints of Creation.”

The King James Bible is convoluted as many of “our” references are for they are written/recorded histories in favor of “Man.” MAN being the race, creed, religion, etc., of the group represented that particular text (i.e. The “Original Hebrew Texts”…Hebrews are the ones convoluting Scripture in their favor).

I am saying that ALL of Scripture is WRONG? No! What I AM saying, is that we must remove the bias inserted into Scripture by the person(s) recording it! Did they do it intentionally? In some cases, NO! In other cases…YES!!! The King James Bible is an excellent example! The Roman Empire could not crush the Christian movement so, they adopted it!  PLAIN AND SIMPLE!




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July 11, 2016 at 5:41 pm

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