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Anyone reading this must know from the start, this is nothing more than my personal webpage about “things” I consider noteworthy.

However, something occurred to me the other night which is beyond my understanding…per se. Had it happened to just myself, I would have passed it off as an hallucination BUT, it didn’t.

As a friend of mine and I, were sitting in my car discussing various topics, “something” fell from above my foot, hitting the bottom of my foot, and fell to the floor. It seemed like a natural occurrence…right! Except, that the only thing above my foot is the underside of glovebox in the car. Furthermore, when I looked, there was nothing there that fell.

I asked my friend what he heard. He said he heard a metallic rod, hit the bottom of my shoe, and fall to the floor. Exactly what I “saw and felt!” His explanation is of the “haunting” nature and ghosts! Sorry, but I do not believe in anything of the nature.

At the moment this occurred, and I mean the briefest of moments, I was “caught” between…”realities???” I have no other way to explain it. There were “others” there! NO, I did not get a good look at them. BUT, I could feel their presence and as I said, almost “see” them for the briefest of a momernt.

In that moment, did I “pull back?” YES! I think so. I am at a loss at to what happened at that moment. A “steel rod,” falling and hitting the bottom of my shoe then to the floor…and nothing is there??? WTF???

“Things” like this do not happen! But it did!

Anyone? Any ideas? Scared? No! Confused? Yes!

I don’t have a big following, if I have any at all. However, if anyone reads this, I would appreciate some feedback as to what happened if you should have an idea.




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May 27, 2016 at 2:46 am

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