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Introduction to the Psychotic USA Land Maps of UN’s Agenda 21 Plan

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American Info Maps

We Americans know we need to keep our eyes on the UN constantly. The often well meaning but usually twisted elites behind many of the UN’s most preposterous projects make their motives very easy to ascertain, as these ludicrous USA maps they have contrived below leave little to the imagination. Their agenda is now far beyond “globalists gone wild” – worthy of a dismissive chuckle between senators as they pass on the floor of the House after session ends. These maps may as well be maps revealing the full depth and magnitude of the “extreme environmentalist psychosis” which has laid siege to the psyches of the men and women at the UN, who believe in all seriousness, that they are going to foist this plan upon the world, with little or no protest from the masses. Good luck with that. Lol.

These maps may as well be maps revealing the…

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June 2, 2015 at 5:49 am

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