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43: Mexico’s Colima Volcano shaken by another explosive eruption

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The Extinction Protocol

Colima Volcano
January 2015MEXICOMexican authorities said a volcano eruption caught on webcam blasted ash at least 13,000 feet into the air, but did not pose a danger to the public. The Colima volcano, located on the border of southwestern states Colima and Jalisco, erupted about 9:13 a.m. Wednesday and blasted ash about 13,000 feet into the air. Time-lapse video of the eruption and an earlier burst of ash Monday were recorded by a webcam placed in 2013 to monitor the volcano, which has erupted more than 40 times since the 16th century. Volcán de Colima, also known as the Fire Volcano, erupted on Jan. 25, in the latest in a string of eruptions at the most active volcano in the Colima Volcanic Complex. The youngest of the complex’s three volcanoes also erupted on January 3, 10 and 14.
Moderate quake off North Coast: A magnitude 5.7 earthquake…

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