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Volcano ashes prompt closure of Colombian Airport – submarine volcano erupts near Tonga

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The Extinction Protocol

January 2015 COLUMBIAThe increase in the emissions of ashes from Colombia”s volcano Nevado del Ruiz prompted today the closure of nearby La Nubia airport to prevent traffic congestion to and from the terminal. According to Director of the Volcano Observatory of Manizales, Gloria Cortes, the communities near the crater, the most watched over in Colombia, remain on alert because of this increase in its activity.  The measure to suspend operations in the terminal was adopted to prevent any air accident because the ashes might interfere with the good functioning of plane turbines.  Besides, the volcano, located between the central departments of Caldas and Tolima, continue emitting sulfure dioxide, though for the time being the situation is not serious, said Cortes as quoted by El Espectador newspaper.
 Located 220 km west of Bogota, is part of the volcanic strip of Los Andes, also including another 74 similar structures…

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