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 Cannabis has been making a lot of noise lately. Multiple states across the United States and countries around the world have successfully legalized medical Marijuana, and the Uruguay parliament recently voted to create the world’s first legal marijuana market. This is good news as the health benefits of Cannabis are vast, with multiple medical and scientific […]


My husband was diagnosed with stage 1 pancreatic cancer last September (2013)

We were told that Pancreatic cancer is a fast and deadly killer and that there is no cure.

We have small children. This news was completely devastating.

But the doctors told us we were lucky because we caught it early and it hadn’t spread yet.

In November he had the surgery to remove the tumor. They found it had spread, so they sewed him back up again – and charged us for the full operation they didn’t perform.

Once the cancer spread, the doctors told us his cancer was in stage 4 and that there was no hope.

He went downhill very quickly after that. One thing they dont tell you when you have surgery is that if the operation fails, once the air hits it, cancer often spreads much more rapidly. In December of 2013 he was given three weeks to live.

My husband had heard about something called Phoenix tears, an oil taken orally made from cannabis.

We live in NV, a medical marijuana state, and to make a long story short, we jumped through hoop after hoop to finally attain it. I didnt really believe it would work, and he didnt either, but when your life is on the line you’ll try anything.

My husband began taking Phoenix tears in late December 2013.

At first he actually got sicker – a common phenomenon that scares people into stopping taking the oil – but it was just the oil doing its work.

Slowly he began to get better.
His color and vitality returned. He started getting dressed in the morning again, rejoining family activities, driving, and even working again.

Over time his cancer fell counts in his blood dropped from 5000+ to under 32. This took about five months.

On June 5th he was declared cancer free. CANCER FREE.


His oncologist is speechless. All other doctors he shows his medical records to are astounded.

We’ve tried to tell the media but no one so far will cover the story despite the fact that he has his medical records and myriad witnesses to prove it.

Everyone else who was in the same study as my husband (none of whom took the cannabis oil aka Phoenix tears) made it. They are all dead.

We did a lot of digging and found that cannabis oil is a cure for many different cancers including but not limited to breast, kidney, brain, stomach, prostate, skin cancer, leukemia, and of course pancreatic cancer.

In the US cannabis is classified as a class 1 narcotic so it cant even be studied in this country, cancer patients are arrested left and right for even possessing it if their lives depend
on it – which it does.

Many other countries admit its a cure. But if a doctor in this country even suggests it to a patient and the word gets out, they can lose their license and their livelihood.

Why? Perhaps because your typical chemo treatment costs $4800 per week. Cannabis oil costs $80 per week and can be grown in your own backyard.

If this is all happening, which i assure you it is, what does that tell you about the media, the FDA, and the government in general?

I have no agenda. I only want to help people. I think marijuana is bad for people if smoked. Cannabis oil must be taken orally or it wont work.

So what could possibly be my motive except to give people hope and wake people up?




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July 1, 2014 at 8:27 pm

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