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Belgium: Mob Of Muslims Attack Bus Full Of 5-Year-Old Jewish Children

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Hadith, Tabari 7:97, “The morning after the murder of Ashraf, the Prophet declared, ‘Kill any Jew who falls under your power.’”

Even if those who fall under your power are innocent little children …

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By Rachel Molschky, Cherson and Molschky – “A bus filled with Jewish kindergarteners was attacked by Muslim teenagers in Antwerp, on Sunday. No one was hurt, despite the horde of Muslims surrounding the bus to throw stones at little 5 year-olds.

This is just one incident among many of Muslim attacks on children. The following video shows Arabs on the Temple Mount harassing Jewish kids:

Of course this is mild compared to the murders of the Fogel children in 2011; Yoav, 11, Elad, 4, and three-month-old Hadas, stabbed to death while sleeping. The baby was reportedly…

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June 19, 2014 at 3:33 am

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