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I only “skimmed” through the first paragraph or so of this article and became intrigued as to what it was talking about. Therefore, I “clicked” on the first link that said you could hear the “sounds” here.

So I “clicked” and listened to the sounds and read the article titled Voyager 1 PWS electron plasma oscillations. Within the article it says, “…increase in frequency and suggests that the density of electrons is continually increasing over this time interval as Voyager moves outwards from the heliopause…”  , this statement is saying that interstellar space is NOT empty but actually “packed” with electrons AND who knows what?  Right?

Well, “IF” you are able to read-between-the-lines, then this would answer the age-old question of “Why” the night sky is dark. It’s dark due to ALL the “matter” (for lack of a better description) that gets in the way absorbing the light from all the other galaxies, stars, etc. Keeping this in mind, it “could” explain why galaxies in deep space appear to be traveling at enormous speeds and could also explain a misconceived notion that some galaxies are BILLIONS of light-years into space. Perhaps, they really aren’t that far…at all!

Maybe, just maybe…there really isn’t a “red-shift” in the light from distant galaxies. Wouldn’t that be something?


Written by bobby90247

June 12, 2014 at 4:50 am

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