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Hmmm…??? “IF” this article is TRUE, then you can rest assured that the government has been able to do this for quite some time! How long? Probably for the last fifty years or more?

I am fully aware that the latest technology released to the public is already OBSOLETE within the government. It has been for at least twenty-five years. So exactly how long they have already determined that this type of mental control is obsolete…is anyone’s guess! I’m guessing…fifty years…as I mentioned above.

“THINK” about it. Why would the American public, ALLOW things to continue in their own country out-of-control? Knowing full well that they have the final word? The President of the United States cannot RULE as he does without consequences. Several IMPEACHMENT proceedings have been put forward and then…NOTHING!



Written by bobby90247

June 7, 2014 at 1:44 pm

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