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As I continue to read more and more articles about the “awakening of the human consciousness” here on Earth, the more I become aware of the FACT that the stories, folklore, myths, & legends of old, have more truth to them than what we have been led to believe as being…FICTION!

In a recent article on Collective Evolution, “How to Listen to Your Spirit Guides”, I have learned that there IS some truth to “our” being part of a larger “consciousness” and that “those voices in our head” ARE actually other beings communicating with us. The only problem is, that “we” are NOT in tune with them! “WE” have been misled for so long, that we no longer have the ability to interact with anyone other than the person next to us. And, even “that” is difficult for us to do!

In other words, “YES!” There IS more to “us” than…the-sum-of-our-parts!

I’ll “edit” this at a later date.


Written by bobby90247

May 25, 2014 at 6:18 am

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