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Muslim Prayer Leader at Mosque Caught in the Act of Molesting an 8-Year-old Girl

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sharia unveiled

Little Girl 20 (resized)

by, The Express Tribune

MANSEHRA, Pakistan: A prayer leader was caught while allegedly attempting to molest a minor girl in Chaihr village of Mansehra on Thursday.

Villagers who caught the accused handed him to the police after thrashing him publicly. Police and eyewitness said eight-year-old Maryam* was on her way to school when a prayer leader from the village mosque took the girl to the mosque after tempting her with sweets.

When he tried to molest her, the girl reportedly started shouting and crying which attracted the attention of passersby who barged into the mosque and caught the culprit red-handed. After beating him, they called the police who arrested the prayer leader.

A criminal case was also registered against him.

This was the second incident of sexual abuse in four days. Earlier, a seminary teacher allegedly raped a girl with the help of her friend in a moving vehicle.

(*Name has…

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