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The following is a comment made on Collective Evolution’s article titled, A Mother’s Struggle: “Your Child Is Vaccine Injured, Just Like Mine.” I am re-posting it here as it makes the best argument against vaccines in a very brief and logical way, A MUST READ!


in response to Gella:

Herd immunity. Look it up.


Herd immunity is a farce ‘look it up’. A term made up to cover up the failure of vaccines so it could still somehow be the fault of the unvaccinated even though more often than not the outbreak begins within the vaccinated part of the populace. In the case of the measles vaccine, the disease has in some cases only stricken the vaccinated without infecting the unvaccinated, this however was still recorded as being the fault of the unvaccinated. The statistics regarding vaccines have been presented poorly on both sides of the argument. The incidence of many diseases was in fact brought down by the introduction of vaccines, however, the death toll was not diminished by vaccines. In other words people were contracting the disease but not dying from it due to developing medical care, improved hygiene and better understanding of the diseases. One might say that vaccines are still wonderful because they have lessened the incidents. However, considering that sids is almost always dismissed as not being related to vaccines even though the DTP vaccine does cause breathing issues in babies for on average 60days after the vaccine. Dr. Archie Kalokerinos wrote about the liver damage in indigenous Australian babies caused by the Hep B vaccine. He was still pro vaccines at the time he wrote the book ‘Every Second Child’ so he cannot be dismissed as a conspiracy theorist. I see many people asking for peer reviewed studies. They are out there, but you actually have to go find them because the medical/pharmaceutical industry is not going to advertise these studies. In fact they will go to great lengths to cover them up possibly for the reasons of not wanting to believe it’s true, fear of embarrassment, fear of loss of profits, not only would vaccine companies need to discontinue the production of their vaccines, but there would be a huge outcry over the amount of vaccine damaged children and parents demanding compensation even though the companies themselves are protected. It is no accident that vaccine inserts contain warnings of side effects that can be as broad and sinister as death. When listening to vaccine manufactures like Hillman and Merck speak about the development of the polio vaccine and the distribution of the aids and sv40 virus, my concern is not so much about the fact that it happened, but the lack of empathy they have for the situation.
The real thing that people need to know is that many of the ingredients in vaccines are declared by the FDA as being toxic substances, but when they put the ingredients together into a vaccine, the CDC would tell us that the vaccine is safe. It defies logic, autism and ASD is at an all time high amongst a myriad of other disorders. The system is flawed and it needs to be amended to allow for a hopeful future; but this is my opinion. In summary, I urge you all to crack a book now and then and acknowledge that science is wonderful. Do not let the media or narrow minded MDs restrict your studies. Do not let them hinder your self education; you are all capable of reading and understanding. Yes, they have gone to medical school, but that doesn’t make every doctor an expert in every discipline of medicine. That would be impossible. They are just people like you and me and are capable of seeing what they want to see and getting it wrong. This should be applied to both sides of the argument and if you get it wrong, keep looking! I’d just like to say to this mother. I am so sorry and I hope your family continue to heal and tell your story.



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May 11, 2014 at 2:05 pm

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