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Hmmm…??? Yeah! I’m sure we’ve ALL had the feeling that “someone” is listening to our thoughts…right? OR, is it just me? I “think” we all have an intuitive “feeling” or “notion” that there MUST BE more to life than…just this! No?

Well, I know I do! In my late teens, I was very much into ESP and would read books about it day-after-day. I found one particularly interesting book called, “David St. Claire’s:  Lesson’s in Instant ESP!” I bought the book and practiced the exercises vehemently every day. I even tested the “remote viewing” with a some success. I was so thoroughly convinced that ESP was so very real, that I preferred it over the belief in Scripture and/or Jesus Christ.

Then, the interest waned and I returned to this World and the pursuit of wealth and material things! “WOW!” What a mistake that was, as when my ability to not be able obtain those material things came to an end, I turned to…Scripture. From Scripture, I turned to “…the Teachings of Jesus Christ…” having realized that His Teachings are in “somewhat” opposition to…Scripture. NO! I am not attempting to prove Scripture wrong in any way, whatsoever. Therefore, I will let it go at that.

Recently, I have been delving deeper into the history of our World and that of “Mankind” and “How” we came to be. Through research and papers/documents/legends/myths, etc., it has come to my attention that there is truly more to us and to this life, than what we can see, touch, and/or believe!

Okay, so why am I saying all of this? Simple! “IF” the exercise’s in this article work and any of you attempt to follow them, PLEASE…let me know if you have any success! I don’t have the time at the moment of this writing to read the entire article. Therefore, I have no idea if I would even take it seriously!


Written by bobby90247

May 9, 2014 at 6:38 am

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