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Nigeria: Boko Haram Muslim Terrorists Murder At Least 300 in Latest Attack

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Boko Haram Attack 1

by, Abby Ohlheiser | The Wire | h/t Trop

As many as 300 people died in a Nigerian border town on Wednesday in what officials described as an large and vicious attack by Islamist militants. Borno’s state information commissioner Mohammed Bulama gave more details on the attack to the AP, which took place overnight in town of Gamboru Ngala. Homes and shops were set on fire, Bulama said, adding that “many, many” were presumed dead.

Nigeria’s Daily Post, citing Nigerian Senator Ahmed Zannah, said that the attack lasted for over 12 hours. Insurgents, widely believed to be part of Boko Haram, drove into the town on trucks and opened fire on crowds of people. Then, they razed the town itself. Zannah said that “The attackers stormed the communities in the night when residents were still sleeping, setting ablaze houses and shooting residents who tried to escape from the fire.”

Zannah added that the attack…

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