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Detroit,Michigan: Muslim Imam Convicted of 15 Counts of Child Molestation in the US

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sharia unveiled

Detroit Imam Masrour
Muslim Pedophile Imam Mohammad Masroor. (Just like Muhammad)

Previously acquitted of raping 5 children in Canada in 2011

by, Ali Harb | The Arab American News | h/t Halal Pork Shop

DETROIT, Michigan:  A Muslim imam was found guilty of 15 counts of criminal sexual conduct by a jury on Friday, May 2. Mohammad Masroor was convicted for sexually abusing his nieces as children, when they lived in Detroit from 2000 to 2003.

He will be sentenced on May 21 and could face up to life in prison.

A circuit court judge has allowed the three victims to testify while wearing the niqab, the Islamic face covering that conceals everything except the eyes.

Masroor’s attorney filed a motion to require the victims to reveal their faces while standing in front of the judge, in order to satisfy the defendant’s right to confront his accusers. Judge Michael Hathaway denied the motion.


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