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Paul Golding of Britain First Arrested for Exposing Al Qaeda Terrorist Living in Essex (Video)

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Paul Golding - Britain First 1

by, Britain First | Live Leak

Britain First exposed the home address of a known Al Qaeda terrorist called Sajeel Shahid who was living in Essex.

Mr Shahid was responsible for training the ringleader of the 7/7 tube and bus bombers.

He ran terrorist training camps in Pakistan.

Recently, he was given taxpayers’ money to run a primary school!

This prompted Britain First to launch a campaign against this cretin, including a home visit and leafleting of his neighbours.

As a consequence, the politically correct Essex police force arrested chairman Paul Golding and locked him up for 10 hours.

Video of the arrest can be seen here

Paul Golding meets Abu Izzadeen: 

Here are Anjem Choudary’s thoughts on Britain First:

source(‘s): http://www.britainfirst.org/britain-first/video-britain-first-leader-paul-golding-arrested-by-essex-police/


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