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On the Front Lines: Combating Honor Violence in the U.S.

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Detective Chris Boughey
Detective Chris Boughey. Photo courtesy of: The Clarion Project

An interview with Detective Chris Boughey, who has been recognized for his work by the FBI and the Secret Service.

by, Ryan Mauro | The Clarion Project

Detective Chris Boughey serves the Peoria, Arizona Police Department’s Criminal Investigations Section’s Major Crimes Unit and is on the advisory board for the documentary film Honor Diaries, which breaks the silence on honor violence against women.

He has personally investigated incidents of “honor violence” in the U.S., including the 2008 honor killing of a 25-year old woman in Georgia named Sandeela Kawal by her father. Her “crime” was seeking a divorce from her cousin with whom she was forced to marry. The father said “she wasn’t being true to her religion or her husband,” according to another law enforcement officer involved in the case.

The following is Clarion Project National Security Analyst…

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