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French Jews Escape Persecution in France Only to Have Their Synagogue Firebombed by Racist Anti-Semitic Muslims in Israel

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Firebomb 4
A Racist Arab-Muslim prepares to throw a firebomb at a French-Jewish Synagogue. Photo courtesy of: Arutz Sheva

by, Hezki Ezra and Gil Ronen | Arutz Sheva | h/t Trop

Residents of the French Hill neighborhood in Israel’s capital are increasingly threatened by their Arab neighbors in the neighborhood of Issawiya, and have experienced a slew of firebomb attacks – the most recent of which occurred Saturday night.

Although initial reports said that the firebombs targeted a nightclub or dance hall, it now turns out that they were actually thrown outside a Conservative synagogue. A section of the synagogue is rented out on Saturday nights and serves as a dance hall for senior citizens.

There have been four firebomb attacks in the neighborhood since January, and all are seen as nationalist terror acts.

Jerusalem Municipal Councillor Dov Kalmanovich visited the neighborhood Sunday and met with the residents. Kalmanovich was severely wounded in a firebomb…

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April 24, 2014 at 4:10 am

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