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South Dakota,US: Moslem Refugee Sentenced for Operating Child-Sex Ring

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Why is it that stories of this nature never hit the front-page or T.V. news?

sharia unveiled

South Dakota Child Trafficking 1
Mohammed Alaboudi

by, Brady Mallory | Keloland |h/t Creeping Sharia

SIOUX FALLS, SD: The Sioux Falls man authorities say ran a sex trafficking “house of horror” will now call prison home for the rest of his life.  On Monday, Federal Judge Karen Schreier sentenced 45-year-old Mohammed Alaboudi to four life terms behind bars.  He will serve those concurrently.  Alaboudi took in teen girls and young women, gave them drugs and forced them into prostitution out of his one-bedroom apartment near McKennan Park.


Schreier essentially said this is the worst case of human sex trafficking she has seen because it involved more, “force and coercion,” than others.  Four of Alaboudi’s victims who were repeatedly raped and tortured told their former captor how his actions have impacted them.

“They were treated, as Judge Schreier said today, in many cases, worse than a person would treat their own dog,” U.S. Attorney…

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