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I don’t care what anyone thinks, “some” of these things ARE from other places than this Earth. Most of what we see are secret government-manufactured vehicles of which have been in development since the end of WW!! when we retrieved “saucers” from the Nazi Regime. Those saucers were on the front page for one day and never revealed again. Hmmm…???  Wonder why?

Obviously, the technology was far superior to anything the U.S. had at the time! The technology was ALL based on Nikola Tesla’s theories and patents.

An acquaintance of mine, back in the mid 90’s, mentioned to me that the government had the ability to send a message 80 light years into space! I simply said, “Obviously, we have people 80 light years out in space…huh!” No response. btw-He was one of the Presidents Chief’s of Staff at the time.


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April 2, 2014 at 5:06 pm

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