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European Women Sold Into Sex Slavery and Trafficked to Islamic Nations

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Sex Trafficking 1
Most of the women and children trafficked endure months if not years of torture before rescue. Photo courtesy of: The Daily Mail Online
  • As many as 25,000 Moldovans fall prey to trafficking gangs each year
  • Of those, 10% are thought to be children according to the IOM
  • Author Stela Brinzeanu met trafficking victims while researching new novel
  • Bessarabian Nights follows two friends as they hunt for a trafficked girl

Beaten, Raped, Tortured and Starved

by, Stela Brinzeanu | The Daily Mail Online | h/t The Muslim Issue

Victoria avoids all eye contact. Her gaze alternates between boring into the ground and scouring the horizon out the window. Her right foot taps nervously on the wooden floor.

She is one of the 55 female trafficking victims helped each year at the crisis intervention centre run by the International Organisation for Migration and the Ministry of Labour in the Moldovan capital, Chisinau.

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