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100 recent earthquakes reported in swarm near Mt. Hood volcano

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What do you think?

Is the Earth running into something in space?


Is the Earth being “bombarded?” by something in space?

I guess there is a third possibility, that there is something going on within the Earth that we are not capable of recognizing…

Whatever the case may be, there is no rhyme or reason to when or where these swarms occur…as yet.

The Extinction Protocol

March 2014GOVERNMENT CAMP, Ore. (KOIN) — Mount Hood has seen nearly 100 earthquakes in the past few days, but a local seismologist said they are nothing to worry about. Geologists said most of the recent earthquakes have been small with only 30 actually being large enough to tell where they occurred. Researchers said these earthquake swarms happen several times a year and are nothing to worry about. “I wouldn’t say be worried but maybe expect to feel an earthquake. It’s always interesting to feel an earthquake next to a volcano. These swarms in the past have produced earthquakes that were felt at Government Camp,” said Seth Moran, a seismologist at USGS Cascades Volcano Observatory. According to Moran, the quakes are not being caused by magma in the volcano moving, but instead by the tectonic plates shifting. Mount Hood last erupted in 1790. –Koin

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