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Pakistan’s Statistics for Females in 2013: More Than 1,600 Women “Honor Killed”

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sharia unveiled

Muslim Women Violence 1 (resized)
A Muslim girl that had her nose cut-off by her husband.

by, The Nation | h/t Halal Pork Shop

KARACHI, Pakistan: At least 1601 women were [murdered] in Pakistan in the name of honor or for other reasons in 2013. According to data provided by the Madadgar National Helpline Founder Zia Ahmed Awan, at least 370 women were raped while 185 incidents of gang-rape were reported across the country. He said that 2133 women were tortured during the same year while 887 faced torture by police. Similarly, 608 women were abducted, some 406 were forcefully married which included 176 cases of Vani.

He said that 217 women were killed after being raped, 220 of them were killed after being accused of Karo-kari, 1164 women were killed for unknown reasons while 452 committed suicide. Awan added that 193 women were burnt alive, 205 were smuggled and 220 ran…

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March 14, 2014 at 5:51 am

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