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Syria: The Islamic ISIS Executes a Syrian Girl by Strangulation for Violating Sharia Law (Video)

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Syrian Girl Strangulation 1
Photos courtesy of: International Business Times

by, Hannah Osborne | International Business Times (IBT)

A graphic video shows a girl being strangled to death in Syria for refusing to conform to extremist Islam beliefs.

The footage uploaded by the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, shows a girl being strangled with a piece of metal wire by a hooded executioner:

It has not been verified but the Syrian Observatory claims it is the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS), an armed resistance group operating in Syria.

According to the Iranian-allied Press TV, the girl in the video was executed because she refused to recognise the hardline Suni Muslim beliefs promoted by the ISIS in Syria, however this claim is unsubstantiated.

The film follows a string of videos purportedly from Syria showing brutal executions, including a beheading supposedly carried out by the ISIS.

Syrian Girl Strangulation 2

Earlier this month it was reported Al-Qaida…

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