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Alert level raised on Indonesia’s Kelut volcano in East Java, following seismic swarm

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The Extinction Protocol

Volcanic unrest ripples across Indonesia: A lava dome emerged from the crater lake of Kelut following an eruption in 2007
February 3, 2014INDONESIAThe alert level of the volcano was raised today on Kelut or Kelud volcano from 1 (‘normal’) to 2 (“Waspada,” or ‘watch’) on a scale of 1-4. During the second half of 2014, a strong increase in seismic activity and a 5.5 deg temperature increase of the crater lake water had been detected. The number of shallow volcanic earthquakes rose from averages of 1-2 per day to approx 10 per day during 20-31 Jan and climbed to more than 100 events since the start of February alone. This might indicate a shallow intrusion is taking place and could lead to a new eruption. VSI had recommended a 2 km radius exclusion zone from the crater. The last eruption of Kelut was in Oct-Nov 2007, when…

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