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Source of Galapagos volcanism not where scientists thought

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The Extinction Protocol

January 25, 2014GALAPAGOS ISLThe volcanic plume that gave birth to the Galapagos Islands is not where scientists thought it was, a new study finds. Three-dimensional seismic images suggest the plume lies southeast of the chain’s Fernandina Island, the spot where computer models place it. What’s more, the plume is not being bent eastward by the migrating Nazca tectonic plate (atop which the Galapagos Islands sit), but appears to be moving northward. The Galapagos Islands, the locale where Charles Darwin developed his famous theory of natural selection, lie about 575 miles (925 kilometers) west of Ecuador. Unlike other volcanic island chains, like Hawaii, the Galapagos have many volcanoes active at once. “Having the plume relocated helped explain why [many of] the Galapagos volcanoes are active,” said Douglas Toomey, a geologist at the University of Oregon and leader of the study, detailed online Jan. 19 in the journal

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