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Eric Dubey ~ The World’s Biggest Lie

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Written by bobby90247

September 20, 2017 at 2:32 am

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FBI Robert Mueller Tied to 9/11! Boom! Tweet Trump!

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Written by bobby90247

August 30, 2017 at 2:13 pm

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The Liars and Thieves Caught On Video by Captain Obvious

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This is an interesting video and I left the following comment as I “pondered” the information gleamed from it:

At the 0.45 minute mark, they say the “…electrons are running into a glass wall in space…” OR, some kind of barrier…right! Then, they go on to say that is is approx. 7,200 miles above the Earth. My question is, “How do they know this?” Those of us that have accepted the FACT of this Flat Earth no longer believe this “science fiction” that has been fed to us since birth. Therefore, I have a very difficult time accepting their information as being truth. The ultimate limit of the atmosphere “seems” to be around 180,000 feet as that is the MAX height attained by a Helium high altitude balloon, thus far which is reasonable as Helium IS the lightest element second only to Hydrogen. Since most of us are in agreement with there being a “firmament” above us, the question then is, “What occupies the space ‘tween the limit of the atmosphere and the Firmament?” For myself, the answer is…NOTHING! The limit of the atmosphere would be a thin layer of Hydrogen and then the Firmament as it is the Firmament that “compresses” and keeps the atmosphere within. However, “IF” there is a “void” ‘tween the atmosphere and the Firmament, then I would venture to say, it is filled with the Aether as described by Nikola Tesla. It is this Aether that “could” slow down the momentum of electron’s (and anything else for that matter), light, particles, etc., giving “us” a false reading of the distance to the Firmament as they have measured being 7,200 miles. It “could” no more than 33 miles up as mentioned in various “other” theories. Hmmm…??? The Freemason’s have 33 degrees…right! While the Freemason’s “seem” to be behind every “Satanist” idea and have been “demonized” by most everyone, they are still the only ones that have placed “symbols” of the Flat Earth in front of everyone to see. Yet, most people don’t “see” them. My personal “take” on the Freemason’s is that there are TWO entities at work within their group OR that there is a False group and a TRUE group. The TRUE group exposes the TRUTH for all to see as they become “enlightened” while the FALSE group simply goes on to exploit their knowledge AND control over the masses. Ultimately, it is up to the individual to “accept” the TRUTH as “some” of us have been doing.

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July 23, 2017 at 3:56 pm

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PROOF: Flat Earth Is Very Old…!!!

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Hmmm…??? Sooo…are the “stars” actually a blueprint for the topological surface of the Earth?

Proof the Grand Canyon monuments are ancient pyramids

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June 28, 2017 at 11:50 am

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Today, June 24th, 2017, a friend wrote to me about an article that stated Jeff Sessions, our Attorney General,  had “…236 Household Names Arrested in Hollywood Sex Trafficking.” Which got me thinking and I replied with the following:
Somebody in the comments section wrote “…more than 5,000 pedo’s have been arrested since Trump…” took office. Yet, main-stream media has not reported a single instance. Do you wonder why? I don’t, I know why! They are all part of the pedo/sex/human trafficking rings…PERIOD!!!
“MOST” of the people being arrested are…JEWS! Hollywood is run by them and most of the politicians are too. Which is why they said in the report…”Rabbi’s!”
First it was the Catholic church, now they have descended on the Jewish synagogues! Next, the most corrupt religious faction in the World…Muslims/Islam!!!
“…have to wonder if there’s ever a bottom to it?”

Actually, the end of this Will be with the return of our Saviour as “we” ARE in the End Times!

AND, you know, it’s funny that in all of my dreams, thoughts, and what I call “foreseeable” future, I have never been able to “see” up too, and/or beyond, the year 2020…??? Or, “there a bouts.”

NO! I don’t see myself dying OR, the World ending. It’s just that I don’t see our lives continuing as “we” have been. Perhaps the return of our Saviour is simply that the World re-accepts His teachings and we begin to live peacefully and without the LIES…???

BUT, I don’t think so as Jesus says, “…you shall be raised-up, be changed in the blink-of-the-eye, receive new bodies, and live forever in Heaven…” (paraphrased). AND, He goes on to say to look and you Will see a “New Earth!” Therefore, Heaven is definitely a REAL & PHYSICAL place…right!

I don’t know about you but, I have this “feeling” as if, “something” GOOD is going to happen to this World…very soon! Or, at least within my lifetime. AND, I am always drawn back to the parable of Jesus when He said, “…The birds in the trees know when it is time to fly South for the Winter. Why is it that you do not know when it is time for the return of the Son of Man?…” (paraphrased).

As I said above, Heaven is a real, physical…place. Can we relate to this? I think so! I have written this before and am writing it once again as this is the way in which I perceive “our” World.

While in the womb, we are aware of sounds and perhaps we can “feel” a physical presence but, since we have no way of knowing what those sounds and feelings are, we cannot relate to them. “WE” only know that they are there. We cannot respond to them despite the fact that we already have muscles in our arms, legs, fingers, toes, and a mouth…right!

We can however, “jerk” in response to someone/thing…poking us. As I’m sure you have experienced with babies in the womb. You poke them and they respond. They don’t know “what” they are responding too, they just do.

Once we are “born” we have no recollection of our “life” within the womb but, inherently “know” our parents and those close to us. While in the womb, we have a “feeling” that there is more to life than just…this!

Just as we are alive and living in this World today, we inherently “know” that we are more-than-the-sum-of-our-parts…right! Exactly what that means, “we” have no idea. Therefore, I view our life in the womb as being an experience in which we struggle to (with the help of our mother) stay alive.

Once we are born, we struggle to stay alive with…one another. We learn to live in a World that has various environmental affects AND what has been termed as “society.” Yet, the entire time we are “alive” we still know that there is “something” else to this life.

We have what has been termed to be a “soul.” Exactly what that soul is, “Who knows?” But, we are aware it in some fashion or form. Just like the “child in the womb” we are now in an enclosed Flat Earth with a Firmament above and the ground beneath us. AND, like that unborn child which has all the accoutrements (hands, feet, vocal cords, ears, fingers, etc.) we have our soul yet, are unable to manipulate it.

We can’t explain to an unborn child what it is to walk, breathe, eat, etc., as there is no common-point-of-reference ‘tween its World and Ours! AND, there is no point of reference ‘tween “our” World and that of “Heaven!” ALL we have is faith and the “Teachings of Jesus Christ” (and “others”) to guide us on how to “accept” this current stage of life and help us in adapting to our next stage?

As I have said many times, these are strictly my “thoughts & ideas” and “…food for thought!

“IF” anyone actually take the time to read this, I’d really like to hear other people’s “thoughts & ideas!”

Thank You!

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June 24, 2017 at 4:29 pm

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PROOF That the Periodic Table Is NOT What It Claims To Be…!!!

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Ever since realizing that “we” have been lied too about the World being a sphere and that it is actually a Flat Earth, many more “TRUTHS” have been exposed.

Having learned about Flat Earth really did something to my consciousness in that I no longer “accept” the scientific explanation for the World. One of these items is the Periodic Table and “How” it explains the elements.

For example, it says there are neutron, protons, electrons, etc., circling the center of the element by “some” gravitational force…right! BUT, since we now know there is no such thing as “gravity” what then keeps these “magical” things circling that center? Sorry but, the scientific explanation no longer works…PERIOD!

There is however, such a thing as “density!” AND, there are quite a few videos showing the effects of density in which different elements are “stacked” in a beaker upon one another due to their density.

Today, I came across this video which defies this “density” theory…to-a-point. Here it is:


This is just one example as I have discovered “other” elements that defy their scientific explanations.

Here is another point of interest that many people are NOT aware of: ALL Pyramids have a “pool” of the Mercury element beneath them AND, there are TWO Pyramids in the World that are still producing a form of energy….One in Bosnia and the other in Peru.

While they two Pyramids are still producing a form of energy, it is obviously NOT up to full power and “IF” there is anyone around that understands the mechanics of them, they are not talking.

The observation I have made is that “someone” has deliberately destroyed the “working mechanism” of ALL the Pyramids in the World. The real question is…”Why?”

The answers to “How?” these Pyramids actually work may be within the Cuneiform writings within the Pyramids but, are deliberately not being translated properly so that no one can place them into operational condition. Once again…”Why?”

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June 18, 2017 at 4:23 pm

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An acquaintance of mine had to have surgery for a lump in his throat a couple of years ago. In June he had scheduled the operation for September. He also started taking a “cure” from NDI One, Inc., in June. By September, the lump was gone and he was in full remission!


Forrest – sales     213 – 458 – 6993   (Not sure if this number is still good)

On the back of their card it says the following:

If you have cancer, then a higher power has given you NEW HOPE.


I know for a fact that their product DOES…WORK!

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June 15, 2017 at 2:07 am

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Do You Still Believe In Physics As “We” Have Been Taught?

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Now that I know we live on a Flat Earth AND that everything NASA puts out is a straight-up…LIE, and that most everything ever published and/or taught through the education system is also…FALSE, I now question everything I have ever learned in regards to “How” our natural environment really is.

For instance…We are told that water evaporates and rises into the sky, becomes clouds, and rains back down…right! BUT, “IF” this is so, and clouds are simply “water droplets,” why then does the Sun NOT shine through them? “Common Sense” tells us that clouds should NOT exist! Yet, we “see” them everyday. What separates the different levels of the atmosphere that allows the clouds to remain above us?

The Book Of Enoch describes our Firmament as having “portals” through which the water and rain pour through into our atmosphere. In some recent videos, there are images of “code” within the atmosphere that do not appear in the normal light spectrum. It only appears upon manipulating the videos using 3D programs and filters. Is it this “code” that creates and maintains the formation of clouds, humidity, wind, barometric pressure, etc., within the atmosphere?

“Flat Earth, Luminaries in 3 D Pt 2 water & vibration”

The “Periodic Table Of Elements” does not make sense, either! Since there is no such thing as “gravity” as it is all based on density, then the entire Periodic Table is FALSE, also! It is FALSE as it depends on “gravity” (the “magical” force that keeps us to the Earth) to keep the protons, electrons, neutrons, etc., circling its respective…atom. Therefore, our entire concept of the molecular structure of elements is…WRONG!

Once again, common sense tells us that those protons, electrons, neutrons, etc., cannot be circling an atom without “flying away!” Just like “we” cannot be spinning on a Globular Earth without flying off, either!

Many ancient societies throughout the World believed that everything was in some form of fluid state. Rocks, gas, water, crystals, etc., are ALL the made from the same basic element and it is simply the resonant value that determines its current form.

Keeping that in mind, it would simply be a matter of rising and/or lowering an objects resonant value to make it lighter or heavier. In other words, “IF” you can control the resonant value of a 200 ton stone, you could change its value to that of helium and move it effortlessly from one place to another.

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May 28, 2017 at 7:24 pm

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Intuition & the Fake “Ever Expanding Universe”

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“Intuition” is an ability given to us by God to determine whether “something” is True or False. I am 64 years old now and “grew-up” during the time of space exploration and the current “scientific explosion!” Therefore, at a very early age, I became quite interested in electricity AND “SPACE!” I would read everything I could get my hands on about space, planets, galaxies, comets, rockets, etc. Heck, if it had anything to do with space, I’d read it! Science Fiction novels were the greatest!

In my early teen’s, I started reading Scientific American. It would have articles about everything going-on in the scientific community and would incorporate “words” that I had no idea what they meant. I would have to go to the Library to look-up those words in their “large” Dictionary. Sometimes, my local library would not have a reference to a particular word and I would travel to the “Main” Library in downtown Los Angeles.

“WOW…!!!” Our scientist’s were discovering new and exciting “things” about our Universe…everyday! From one-month-to-the-next the Universe was getting larger and the micro-Universe was getting smaller.

For instance, the Universe in general was…Expanding! The more astronomers looked, the older and older the “known” Universe became. Even today, they “look” at a dark patch of space and “discover” galaxies that are unimaginable “light-years” away! There are Black Holes, Quasar’s, Worm Holes, and such things as faster than light ideas to travel to these distant places.

In the “Micro Universe” the atom is no longer the smallest particle as they have discovered “Quarks” which come in various flavors & colors! And these form something called a…”Hadron?” Hadrons are subdivided into baryons and mesons.

Sooo…”What does this have to do with “Intuition & the Fake Ever-Expanding Universe?” I am glad you asked!

In my later teen’s, as the Universe continued to grow, it occurred to me that as “we” (scientist’s) supposedly “discovered” new information about the cosmos, “they” (the scientist’s) had to expand the Universe in such a way to incorporate their newly discovered idea. It seemed to me that, in order for their new Theory to work, they had to change the existing model of the Universe for their new theory to…FIT!!!

In other words, whenever they came-up with a new idea, they changed the existing model so that their new idea worked rather than accepting that their new theory DID NOT work.

This is exactly what I was thinking as I read each new edition of Scientific American in the late 60’s. My intuition told me that the newly discovered expanse of the Universe was…FALSE! That is was something the scientific community “added” in order to promote their…agenda! And that agenda is the same as that of NASA.

A couple of years ago, I realized that the Earth IS indeed…FLAT! More recently, I have discovered that rockets are incapable of going into space! The maximum limit for rocket travel upward IS the limit of our atmosphere…PERIOD! The atmosphere ceases to exist at around 100,000 feet. At that height, there is no more “atmospheric pressure” for rocket engines to act against in order for the rocket to move forward.

This has been proven by a very simple experiment done on You Tube on the channel, “Cody’s Lab” titled, “Is Fire Possible In A Vacuum?” (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Cx9mNnky2U)

Therefore, there are NO satellites in space, there has never been anyone circling the Earth in “low-orbit,” there is no ISS, anything else that NASA or any other “space” agency says they have launched into…space! It is ALL A LIE!

There ARE “high-altitude” balloons carrying electronic equipment in the “jet-streams” that circle our Flat Earth. AND, it is these balloons which have these “satellites” tethered 150 feet beneath them that are circling the Earth.

“Flat Earth -Here’s your Billion, Trillion $ space program!”

The “BIG Bang!” Theory, IS a joke! Literally, a JOKE! It was a joke published in Scientific American in 1969 and was never to be taken…seriously!

“Dinosaurs Never Existed!”
Everything “we” have been told and “believe” is a LIE about dinosaurs. All you have to do is…research!

“The greatest lie ever told – The Holocaust – 2015 Documentary HD”
The ONLY reason Hitler was “demonized” as he was is due to the FACT that he had FREED 4 countries from the stranglehold of the Rothschild’s and posed a serious threat to their World Wide Banking System!

“There are no forests on Flat Earth Wake Up”
EVERYTHING “we” have been told about the history of the Earth is…FALSE!!!

“Flat Earth Antarctica & the 1000 Year Old Buddhist Map”
This is a map of the REAL Flat Earth upon which “we” live and confirmed by Admiral Byrd and his expedition beyond the South Pole.

“Hollow Earth Admiral Richard E Byrd rare film interview”

“WE” (you and I) have been indoctrinated since birth by “The Pharisees Of Yesterday!” AND until recently, had no way to understand the difference ‘tween the Truth and Falsehoods fed to us by “our” society.

I truly believe that it was the demolition of the “Twin Towers” that allowed myself to open-up to the truth as when I first watched the second building suddenly explode on “live” television and then, 10 minutes later “saw” an airplane crash into it, I “knew” we were being lied too about this FAKE disaster!

btw…Are you aware that the demolition of the Twin Towers was done exactly 33 years to the day that it was completed!

Oh yeah! One last item…For reference to those that wish to know more about the TRUTH, look into “The Book of Enoch” as it spells out in detail, “How” our environment really works. There are many links on You Tube about this book as it is a very large compilation of information. I believe the entire book is more than 12 hours of videos. I’m not sure as I know I have not been able to view all of them.

“IF” you find this article interesting I would love to hear your feedback!

“Thanks!” and God Bless!

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May 28, 2017 at 3:29 pm

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For Those That Follow This “Blog”

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First…”Thank You!” for following my blog! Just be aware that this is simply for “voicing” my personal “thoughts ‘n ideas” about various topics I find interesting and have learned over the years. Should you find something that you relate too, I’d really appreciate your input as to whether or not you can expand upon what I have written.



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May 28, 2017 at 10:57 am

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